Menu & Prices

*Chef 62*

    Carrot w/Cream Cheese Frosting, (Double-layer, Sheet, or 24 Cupcakes) $20.00

    Pineapple Upside Down, (Sheet or Round) $15.00
    Strawberry Coconut Dream, (Fluted, Sheet, or Round) $20.00
    Yellow, White, Chocolate (Fluted, Round, Double-Layer, Sheet, or 24 Cupcakes)$15.00
Icing Choices:  Butter Cream, Chocolate Butter Cream, Cream Cheese, Swiss Meringue

Cookies:  $8.00 per dozen (12)
      Chocolate Chip & Oatmeal
      Chocolate Chip w/Walnuts
      Mint Chocolate Chip
      Oatmeal Raisin & Walnut
      Oatmeal Raisin
      White Chocolate Chip



    Banana Pudding 13x9 pan $15.00
    Bread Pudding 13x9 pan $15.00 (Add 8oz. sauce or cream for $5.00)
    Brownies $15.00 per dozen

    Coconut Brownie Almond Bars $17.00 per dozen

    Cream Cheese Banana Bars $17.00 per dozen

    Strawberry Pudding 13x9 pan $17.00

    Vanilla Cream Puff Bar $17.00 per dozen

Dips, Sauces, & Creams:

    Bourbon Sauce 8oz. $6.00

    Cream Cheese Fruit Dip 8oz. $7.00

    Orange Sauce 8oz. $6.00

    Vegetable Dip 8oz. $6.00

    "Jazzed" Fruit Dip 8oz. $7.50

    Whipped Cream 8oz. $6.00
Muffins:  $10.00 per dozen (12)

    Apple Cinnamon
    Banana Nut
    Blueberry (Seasonal)
    Strawberry (Seasonal)

Pies:  $9.00

      Banana Cream
      Pecan Sweet
Quick Breads:

    Banana Nut Bread 1 Large Loaf or 3 Mini Loaves $12.00

    Cheddar Biscuits $10.00 per dozen

    Cheddar Jalapeno Cornbread 8x8 pan $10.00
    Cornbread 8x8 pan $8.00

    Muffins $10.00 per dozen

    Zucchini Bread 1 Large Loaf or 3 Mini Loaves $12.00

   Assorted Desserts (Choose 3) $50.00
   Assorted Quick Breads (Choose 3) $45.00
   Seasonal Fruit Assortment $35.00 (Add a dip for $5.00)
   Vegetable $30.00 (Add a dip for $5.00)

Driving Delivery Fees, (minimum order of $20.00):
   Free delivery up to 40 miles.
   $10.00 delivery fee 41-54 miles.
   $15.00 delivery fee 55-68 miles.
   All others please call 919-344-6935

Overnight Shipping Fees:

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