Countdown to Grand Opening Giveaway #2!

Our first winner is Sharmetra Pittman of G.O.A.L. Model!  Thank you so much Sharmetra for visiting & "liking" 5 Loaves and 2 Fish.  Your gift of 2 dozen assorted cookies will be delivered to you on Saturday, 15 October 2011.  Chef 62 will personally contact you for delivery information.

Now, the 2nd giveaway is...

A 4-piece Betty Crocker® kitchen accessory set! 

Don't know what you'd do with kitchen shears, a spoon rest, measuring cup and spatula?  Well, when you order a 9x13 pan of Chef 62's most raved about dessert, Strawberry Pudding, you'll need the shears to cut the plastic wrap, so that you may then be able to scoop yourself a nice helping with the spatula, (which is strategically curved just a bit so you can scrape the sides of the pan, ensuring that you don't leave a bit behind!), and the spoon rest will hold on to that spatula until you are ready to go back for seconds AND thirds!  You'll selfishly find the measuring cup handy for carefully portioning servings for others because I guarantee that you-will-go-back-for-a-4th!

To enter, simply leave a comment, any comment, below or on the FanPage up until 7p.m. eastern time today!

1 comment:

  1. Well thank you for the helpful tips that I will need, When I WIN. ;0).

    My eyes got really happy when I saw the set--more top
    -brand tools for my creations!

    Congrats, Sharmetra!