Countdown to Grand Opening Giveaway #3!

Yaaaaay to the Smell Goods Lady, winner of giveaway #2!  Thank you so much for "liking" the fan page, leaving a comment, and following this blog!  I love how in your comment you spoke it into the universe that you were the winner!

Our 3rd giveaway makes me all giddy because it's something I collect:

                                                  An apron! 

Wait, but not just any apron, this one comes from Bling by KishaNicole, yes, the same place I got this snazzy custom shirt from that I will be wearing next Friday, 21 October 2011 to the She Counts Empowerment Conference


Ok, back to the apron, of all the various types I have, I did not have one in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness!  Soooooo, with 20% of the proceeds from Breast Cancer Awareness Bling being donated to the Susan G. Komen foundation, I snagged 2; 1 for me and 1 for "you."  To claim your apron, like our Fan Page, follow this sweet, (tee-hee), blog, and/or tell me your apron story.  For example:

I, (and this is really my true story), love seeing the women on "Little House on the Prairie" and other similar shows or movies swishing around their homes with aprons on.  They do so much with them:  gather eggs from the chicken coop, wipe their hands, take hot items from over the fire, and wiping the innocent faces of their offspring.  The apron just makes me feel cozy.  It also helps me keep my clothes from being accessorized with flour, dough, butter, cream, and so forth, (yes, I am, a "messy" Chef)!

So how about "you,"  do you like to wear aprons when you're in the kitchen?  Entries must be done by 7p.m. eastern.

Ummmm, by the way, Kisha, do Bling Chef coats? ;)

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